First Functional Satellite Module 

To define the most versatile ORU standard module service provider to upgrade, repair or reconfigure a satellite platform or modular space system in an orbital scenario.

Design and Development Specifications for a Satellite Construction Kit (DSSCK)

To develop both technical requirements and the verification and validation plan to define ORU-BOAS candidate payloads accommodation, simplifying their integration in the overall system.

Beyond in-orbit demonstration (IOD) mission and future ORU applications

To identify future applications of the satellite construction kit concept. In the longer term, ORU-BOAS will behave as fully autonomous satellite that can dock to other ORUs to form larger and more complex satellite systems.

Complementary Objectives

ORU standardization

To implement Standard Interfaces (SI), between ORUs and use pre-existing CubeSat products to define new standards for the accommodation of a versatile range of consolidated subsystems and payloads.

ORU modularity

To provide payload and subsystem developers a selection of resources and interfaces to allow each ORU and its payload to be part of modular space systems.

ORU scalability

To target the widest range of subsystems and payloads and accommodate different missions and use cases identified early in the project by a detailed market and trend analysis.