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  • A new video adorns the ORU-BOAS YouTube community. This video presents an artistic representation of the mating process between two ORU-BOAS platforms and lets us experience directly how our active participation molds the future of space. 

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  • Discover the exciting new video series, "Ask the Researchers," featuring our esteemed colleague Ana Ruiz Perez as she delves into SENER's aspirations and responsibilities in the project. Witness firsthand how we are shaping the future of space through our active involvement. 

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  • In an engaging conversation with Satellite Evolution Group, Jose Javier Viñals Abelan, our Coordinator, explores the project's key features, objectives, and our collaborative endeavors to shape the future. This enlightening discussion provided valuable insights into the project's vision and top-notch mission.

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  • On September 25th, a significant event took place as we celebrated the ORU-BOAS Preliminary Design Review (PDR) in Brussels. This event had the participation of all consortium partners, with some attending in person and others joining remotely via Teams. A member of the European commission and an industry expert were also in attendance. 

  • 07/14/2023 - 13:12

    ORU-BOAS newsletter #1

    We are delighted to announce the debut of the ORU-BOAS Newsletter, #1. Stay with us on a thrilling path into the world of the ORU-BOAS project, where we are reinventing space systems with the novel Orbital Replacement Unit - based on Building Blocks for Advanced Assembly of Space Systems.

  • The May 2023 EASN Newsletter is now published, and it includes a feature about ORU-BOAS that exposes the project to the AEROSPACE community! 

    Read on to learn about the most recent developments from the European Aeronautics Science Network and a recap of ORU-BOAS's achievements so far. 

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  • On April 20th, a significant milestone was achieved as we conducted the System Requirement Review (SRR) for our ORU-BOAS project. This important event saw the active participation of all consortium partners, who joined via Teams to discuss and assess the project's high-level requirements. The primary aim of the SRR was to ensure that we could proceed with the preliminary design phase of ORU-BOAS.

  • ORU-BOAS was officially launched during its Kick-Off meeting on the 20th of January 2023. SENER AEROSPACIAL, the project’s coordinator, and five other consortium members, namely: THALES ALENIA SPACE FRANCE, THALES ALENIA SPACE ITALIA, ISIS - INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS IN SPACE, and EASN TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION SERVICES gave insightful presentations about their roles and activities within the project, gaining the opportunity to get to know each other personally.